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[quote:2bq5iy7y]Scott, actually you posed 2 questions and I was sharing my thoughts. I never addressed the second question which now reads:[/quote:2bq5iy7y]
Sorry I was not clear…. this “second” question was the one I wanted to discuss all along….. :oops: …… I’ll blame it on my atheist days and rotted brain cells! Hehe
[quote:2bq5iy7y]Pray, wrestle with it in your own mind, and don’t write about it. What will a man gain in trying to write about his “dissenting opinion”? What is he trying to accomplish? Is he trying to warn people? Is he trying to change the teaching of the church?
This is of course assuming your talking about doctrinal issues.[/quote:2bq5iy7y]
What would have happened to our faith if all the Early Church Fathers did this?