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Adelina, we do have a grave obligation to attend Sunday Mass. But whether it’s mortal or venial depends on 3 things as the Cathecism states.
1. Grave matter
2. Full knowledge and complete consent
3. Unintentional ignorance

All 3 conditions must be met for something to be mortal. Things like forgetting, not knowing, sickness, and so on would deffinately not be a mortal sin.

One of the main reasons for why missing Mass can be a mortal sin is because of the real presence of our Lord in the Eucharist. He only asks one day for us to come to Him and recieve Him. Who will say NO to God if they knew that he was at their local parish?

[quote:1dzpakya]Does this mean that I was sinning on those sundays that I saw it on tv?[/quote:1dzpakya]

If you didn’t know that it was a sin, then the answer is no. It’s not a sin to watch it, but it would be a sin if you purposely prefered to watch versus going to actual Mass being full aware of everything.