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I too am sold on intercessory prayer. When I had cancer and was undergoing interferon therpy, the prayers of others kept me going. When someone told be they wished me “luck” it really did not mean anything to me. Put when they said they were praying for me it lifted me so high up. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” /> I had people praying for me in non-Catholic churches. People I never met and who never asked me to attend their church. I had Catholics praying for me and that was a big reason why I returned to the Catholic faith. I feel a spiritual obligation to pray for others. Especially those who have cancer. Please let me know if I can pray for you or a loved one of yours.

At age 4 my mother was burned over much of her face, chest and arms. The doctor told he parents not to send her to the hospital because she was going to die any way. An aunt of her’s in Europe prayed for her and sent back Holy Water from a shrine of Our Lady. When they put the Holy water on my Mother, she not only lived, but also much of her scars peeled off her face. Scars do not do that in the natural. The aunt died before my mother was free of her deep scars on her chest and arms. But she has lived a wonderful life any way.

With out praying, I know my faith would be dead.