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I am not condemning all relationships. But in EVERY SINLGE CASE that I have observed, it has never been particularly great and has often been harmful. Here are a few side effects of “relationships” that my friends have endured.

One got extremely depressed after being dumped by her boyfriend, to the point that she would get into arguments about EVERYTHING over NOTHING with ANYONE.

The aformentioned boyfriend has treated at least four or five girls like crap.

One of my friends has basically NO self esteem thanks to all the people like YOU GUYS saying how important these relationships are, and yet he has never been able to sustain one, and now he basically feels like a complete failure at life.

Another of my friends, whose relationships are the least destructive of any, often has to hurt the girls he goes out with because after a while he jsut cannot keep up with demands. He would rather play golf, basketball, and hang out at the mall than be constantly talking on the phone and holding hands in move theatres with his girlfriends. Due to this he has hurt people, and has ended up with friendships being worse off then they should be.

And these are just a FEW things. They are by no means the worst or even very many. Also, people should not have to “practice” relationships, as far as I’m concnerned. I believe there is one person out there that God has created for us to marry, and unless you think your current relationship could possibly be that person, it is pointless.