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[quote:2t5trgpc] I think highschool relationships are entirely unecessary, and, more often than not, harmful, and I have seen a ton of them. Neither of may parents had any major relationships in higschool, and they are now celebrating their 27 Anniversary. [/quote:2t5trgpc]

Well, my parents will be celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary this summer and they both had relationships in high school.

I have had several other people express opinions similar to yours. In their cases, they had a bad experience in highschool and were trying to dissuade others from doing what they did, a noble intention, but possibly not for the best. I am NOT saying this is what you are doing, but your explanations and options sound familiar to what I have heard.

No, we cannot let youth run rampant doing everything their “primordial animal drives” would let them. Not all high school relationships are about sex and being seductive. I can think of five couples in highschool I knew personally that did not have that mind-set. Those same people had supportive parents and friends to help guide them.

All things in moderation, I argue that many highschool relationships do have a purpose. High school relationships help to build up social skills, skills that help youth relate to those we love. They help youth to become better people for their marriages/vocations later on. However, a guideline would be that in any relationship, one should not do anything he or she would not want their future husband/wife to be doing with someone else.

Many youth go away for college, as a parent I would be nervous if my child had not had any relationships before leaving home, especially if he or she had interest in someday having relationships. I would not know if my child had the skills or felt comfortable coming to me or my spouse for guidance.