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[quote:1qzfyenp][quote:1qzfyenp]Are you in highschool? You have no idea how shallow most people in highschool are.[/quote:1qzfyenp]
I was in high school 5 years ago and that’s exactly the time period in my life I was referring to. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />[/quote:1qzfyenp]

Well then, I applaud you. But I still think most highschool relationships are incredibly worthless, most are based on shallow intentions, and practically none represent something positive. Of course there are exceptions–mayeb you were one–but I have not found any worth speaking of.

To clarify, I don’t think highschool relationships are INHERANTLY bad, I just think *most* highschool students absolutely butcher them, and what they are supposed to be.