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Well as usual, I simply cannot reply to your whole post, it is jsut WAY TOO LONG. I do appreciate it though, I found it interesting.

Second, I am no historical expert, so I would indeed find it difficult to argue with you based on historical issues.

First, I would liek a clarification of certain things: Orthodox do not believe in purgatory? Is that what you were saying? Do you not believe in the Immaculate Conception? I was under the impression orthodox DID believe in these doctinres, maybe I am wrong.

Second, Jesus told Peter, and PETER ALONE that he would be the “rock” upon which Jesus built His church, Now Protestants try to wriggle out of this in all kidns of strange ways but I find it difficult to believe you would. You are obviously highly intelligent, and yet you don’t believe Peter was any different than the other Apostles despite being the Rock? Also, Jesus told Peter to feed His sheep (His flock, the Church), something he never told the other Apostles. Peter DID give the keys to Heaven to all of the Apostles but only gave them siongularly to Peter. Peter’s name is mentioned 195 times in the Gospels, John is next with 27! Granted, that doesn’t prove anything, but it certainly leans in favor of Peter’s primacy.

Also, whenever the Apostles are listed, Peter is always lsited FIRST, and Judas LAST. If you want some sort of honourific proof that Peter was considered the leader, that is pretty convincing.