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okay someday someone (steph?jon?,family? come and walk me thru how to quote someone, put my little finger on the correct buttons, so I can actually watch and feel how it happens—-remedial computer whew!)

Anyways I think Jackie mentioned the other C. word, one is contraception but the other is COMMITTMENT. (sp?) This is why there is a high failure in those marriages where the couple co-habited before marriage. Even though they think they are being practical—by trying out marriage they have no committment to the sacrament of marriage.

I think I understand this firsthand. In the 70’s I bought into the whole lie of contraception

and my own mother suggested that she would feel better if her own kids ‘tried out’ marriage by living together first. ( She was a teen age bride and mom) . This kind of advice certainly made sense to me, because I saw the difficulty of unplanned pregnancies and of very poor marriages. To make a long story short; I am glad that my husband did not take me up on the suggestion that we ‘live together’ I am glad God stuck with us and our marriage even when we were so slow to do things His Way.