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Well I have to say, after thinking about this even more, my position is even stronger in the “it’s okay” column. Why?

First, there is NO disease (I checked this) that makes a pregnancy %100 fatal for a woman. So there is ALWAYS the possibility of her surviving. Second, the chances of the intercourse resulting in a pregnancy are (as ALWAYS) somewhat low, usually lower than %15. So it is not like its CERTAIN that she will die. it is actually a PROBABILITY that she will not get pregnant, and even if she does, it is a possiblity that she will survive.

At the VERY LEAST, one could use NFP to engage in intimacy. I am %99 sure about that, because in serious cases, the Church definitely allows the use of NFP, and I would DEFINITELY say this is a serious case!

But I reiterate, this is my opinion [i:2azrtjf6]based on what I believe the Church teaches[/i:2azrtjf6], so if the Church were to teach otherwise, I would readily agree, although I am becoming convinced the Church would not teach otherwise. Still not positive though. (although I am DANG near positive about the NFP thing…)