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[quote:19uzyxbf]What I mean is, does the place of which they get married determine the quality of the marriage and the love for God that they share.[/quote:19uzyxbf]

Siberian, as a protestant I had difficulty understanding the catholic mind attaching to things like places, items, relics, etc. Where did they get this from? Keep in mind that God in many cases said things like “take off your sandals, you are standing on holy ground”. He said this to Moses. There is literally tons of examples where God sees things, places, people, etc. as special. That is where they get it from Siberian. As a protestant I was unconsciously conditioned (protestant tradition I suppose) to see matter as umm……how can I put this…….evil and filthy. I didn’t notice this until much later in life. By the way this is just my experience of many protestant traditions, this is by no means the whole of protestantism.