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Let me explain what I meant. First, I never suggested, nor has any Orthodox ever suggested that “there can be no pope”. Orthodox Christians honour many past popes as saints of the Church. I was being facetious and tryng to make a point…if St. Peter was the infallible voice of the Church, then surely, the Church would raise everything that St. Peter did and said ahead of the other Apostles…the same way Roman Catholics teach that the Roman Pontiff is supreme, has all the aurthority, episcopal and immediate. Would it be reasonable to place the bull of a Pope on a certain subject after the encyclicals of lesser cardinals? It wouldn’t happen in the RCC today, and I don’t have to be a Roman Catholic to know that. The Pope’s writings would be at the forefront as the infallible lesson for all Roman Catholics. If this has always been the case, and if the bishop of Rome was always seen in this light, I put forth, just for the sake of argument, “why, if it was always catholic teaching that St. Peter and his successors are INFALLIBLE, wouldn’t St. Peter’s writings be lauded over St. Pauls, or even St. James’, and be placed after the Gospels giving account of Christ, at least before the lesser Apostles? Ofcourse, “lesser” Apostles is certainly not a belief of the Orthodox Church, but I’m referring to the Roman Catholic statement that it is St. Peter who apparently is the “Prince of the Apostles” (according to numerous Roman Catholic catechisms…) I stated the order of epistles not as a matter of fact, nor to demean the all laudable St. Peter.