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Not that your church was entirely pertinent to what I will say in a moment, I was just asking out of curiosity. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />

I don’t see why you couldn’t date/marry this nice Catholic girl.

In fact, my own faith story is somewhat similar to yours, except I was the Catholic.

While we were dating we made a commitment to seek the truth and understand each other’s religious traditions better (she was Evangelical).

In the meantime I learned a lot about my own faith, her faith and what the major discrepencies are. This website is partly a result of that work.

The whole point of seeking marriage or being married to someone is to bring that person closer to Christ (and procreation and all that too, but that’s another discussion).

Now, regarding some of your specific comments:
[quote:1w3r2d17]1.) Prayer: There were set prayers and confessions but the Christian faith has some pre-set ones themselves ex ( The Sinners Prayer ) [/quote:1w3r2d17]
These aren’t so much set prayers as they are prayers that have been used for centuries by hundreds of generations of Christians. Some of them became common (hence the title Common Catholic Prayers[/url:1w3r2d17])

They are not required to pray or anything like that, but they are helpful to know so that the community can pray together.

[quote:1w3r2d17]2.) Church: This was the only strong point of which was contradicting to what I myself believe. It was stated that Peter being the Rock (Head) of the church was to be the only one (along with his appointed sucessors) to be the head of the church. – Now I believe very much that God founded His church on Peter, And I believe that that is an important fact. Myself going to a Church that teaches almost identicaly what the Catholic Church teaches (As of the research I’ve done so far, I could be wrong) It seems to be the only major difference between the two faiths. [/quote:1w3r2d17]
Hmmm…maybe if you could expand upon this. I’m not sure what you’re saying the discrepancy is.