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Actually more then just the Didache show this. Here is another example:

Hippolytus of Rome said, “If water is scarce, whether as a constant condition or on occasion, then use whatever water is available” (The Apostolic Tradition, 21 [A.D. 215]).

Also, tile mosaics in ancient churches and paintings in the catacombs depict baptism by pouring.

[quote:7p7l2m2v]Both Orthodox and Catholics practice infant baptism, and it is not exactly reasonable to suggest that there is not enough water to immerse an infant.[/quote:7p7l2m2v]

If this is true then why would:
1. The Didache (written 70 A.D.)
2. Other early church fathers
3. Mosaic Paintings
Why would all these even mention it as an option IF the possiblity of immersion would always be there? Why even give the option?
As catholics we agree that IMMERSION is the full expression of baptism, but is IMMERSION the center of the sacrament? Or is it the water?