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[quote:3snc4l4k]Freak of nature mutation.[/quote:3snc4l4k]

This is exactly what I am talking about. My professor was unable to give me ONE example of this. All examples given were “negative mutations”(down sydrome, etc.). She was unable to give a single example of a “positive mutation”, which the mutant giraffes would fall into. Of course I was asking her for an example we can see now. If “freak of nature mutation” or “positive mutation” as my professor called it exist then we should see an example of it now. At least the beggining stages or something. No such thing exist to my knowledge. As a matter of fact we see quite the opposite. He have tons of negative mutations but no positive mutations. Why can we only see one but not the other?

Even with human assistance of trying to modify the DNA strand we have not been able to get a positive mutation. Every attempt has failed. Anything we have tried has turned out as negative mutation and it actually dies over time. Maybe someday the science world will discover this positive mutation, but I won’t hold my breath.