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I do not mean to be trite in my statement- ( I feel like I am shouting and running off- but I will be back)

One thing I have never heard men in the church complain about is that they were not chosen to be the Mother of God. Why are they not rebelling about that? I mean what role could have been more important than that?

I can see as a woman- loving God so much and wanting to serve the church, but I don’t feel I am missing a thing just because I can not be a priest.

I do not know if this analogy explains the way I just don’t see why this is an issue. It’s like how realize how much my husband loves me and treats me fine and cares for me

I make a joke

if he has time left over from THAT to have another wife- let him! You see he fufills his role to me, and hopefully I bring enough joy to him that “wanting something more”—-even tho I say he can have it just is not even an issue.

Why do folks interpret not having the right to have something as not being respected? I suppose God could have created a world of clones,,everybody ‘gets’ exactly the same.