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[quote:2eyxkz7p]First of all, the Church is not allowed to change the teaching of only men becoming priest. However they can allow priest to marry in The Latin Rite. That is something they can change. Other rites are allowed to get married.

I have mixed thoughts about priests being able to marry. I think for SOME priests that marry, it may help the church. For others (which I have spoken to) it will only redirect their focus and not give the attention needed to the church. There is countless of pro and con arguments that are fair and understadable. In the end, it appeared to me that it depended on the priest. Some would do just fine being married and others it would be best they shouldnt be married. From my understading most priest would not rather not marry. At some point the Church decided that it would be best for the priest to not marry to better serve the Church. That is their bride.

What I think is odd is all these polls are asking catholics what they want but they don’t bother asking the priest what they want.


I’ll throw my two cents into this discussion. I admit though that is all it will be worth. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />

As Victor wrote, there already are married priests. The Church must feel that marriage in and of itself is not a detriment to the duties of a priest. Perhaps married priests may be able to counsel married couples better in some situations than an unmarried priest. But I wonder if married priests should be allowed the opportunity to advance up the Church’s hierarchy. Can they do so now? I believe that in many priests would not get married if they could do so.

As to women priests and gay marriage….. I just trust the judgement of the Church on these issues. In the past I have made decisions that have gone against the teachings of the Church. I thought I knew better than the Church. Every time I have lived to regret them. <img decoding=” title=”Sad” /> Call me a wimp if you like, but it is comforting to know that greater minds (and hearts) than mine are making such discisions.

I really wonder if many of those who are calling for radical changes in the Church would bother to show up for mass two Sundays after they were to be put into place. No offense intended to those here who disagree with me. I know that many sincere Catholics have different opinions than mine. Still, I also truly believe that many only want to push their agenda and do not have the best interest of the Church at heart.

Just my $.02 worth.