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[quote:1qwv2e35]Just to clarify:

I’m not digging a trench just for the sake of argument. I was raised to be vocal and contentious and question authority until I was satisfied with the answer. Right now, I’m not satisfied with the answers I’ve gotten from the priests and bishop I’ve asked. I wish I knew what it was about me and my gender that made us unable to participate in the sacrament and if I knew, maybe I’d accept it. But I haven’t found any answer yet that I’ll assent to.[/quote:1qwv2e35]

Assenting is not a matter of choice. This is part of the problem I address constantly. You have to now matter what when it is matters of faith and morality. I wish I could give you the magic answer to your question simply put there is not a definitive answer that will satisfy you. It is tradition and theology.

I take this from another thread I have written in:

[quote:1qwv2e35]Further, your wants and desires are not that of Gods always. If we accept the Church as ours and the faith as ours then it must dictate to us everything concerning faith, this has been learned by thousands of years and many councils, and men and women far greater then any of us. To presume we know better because [b:1qwv2e35]”we feel”[/b:1qwv2e35] it should be that way or that it is more fair that way is moot!

To sell short any part of the faith nullifies it. We cannot and must most make changes because of whims, personal feeling, or contemporary mindsets. We are Roman Catholics, Universal in faith, centered in Christ, authority give to the apostles and pasted through time to our Popes, who are the authority of our faith. Forget this modernistic, American, Canadian, whomever mindset that this isn’t fair! This is the faith assent accept and continue to pray for your salvation and those of your brothers and sister.

Christ work first, Gods will above all others, do this and you will know happiness and peace! If this offends, I make no apology, but we need to hear, listen and understand this![/quote:1qwv2e35]

2000 years and the faith is still here. No other Christian can claim that. The fountain the all of these Christian faiths sprung from is ours. We must be doing something right. If a Priest is allowed to marry, as in Orthodox Churches or in out early church history, only divides his responsibilities to the community. He his to live by Christ’s example. Christ moved to where he was need, no limitations, do we really want to tie down our Priests in that manner?? I do not. They need to move around and tend to us all as a [b:1qwv2e35][u:1qwv2e35]Father[/u:1qwv2e35][/b:1qwv2e35] would tend to his family!