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I pray they see it all the time. What is distressing is the lazafair attitude, cafeteria Catholic attitude, whatever you’d like to call it lol It’s simple, it’s really a all or nothing deal. If you take only the parts you agree with and like then you are not in the fullness of the faith. And if your not in fullness then how can you claim it as your faith?

Further, your wants and desires are not that of Gods always. If we accept the Church as ours and the faith as ours then it must dictate to us everything concerning faith, this has been learned by thousands of years and many councils, and men and women far greater then any of us. To presume we know better because [b:3qtkmn2b]”we feel”[/b:3qtkmn2b] it should be that way or that it is more fair that way is moot!

To sell short any part of the faith nullifies it. We cannot and must most make changes because of whims, personal feeling, or contemporary mindsets. We are Roman Catholics, Universal in faith, centered in Christ, authority give to the apostles and pasted through time to our Popes, who are the authority of our faith. Forget this modernistic, American, Canadian, whomever mindset that this isn’t fair! This is the faith assent accept and continue to pray for your salvation and those of your brothers and sister.

Christ’s work first, God’s will above all others, do this and you will know happiness and peace! If this offends, I make no apology, but we need to hear, listen and understand this!