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[quote:148qjic5]”Sorry, but you’re just a bystander in our church and can never, ever be one of its leaders”[/quote:148qjic5]
I’m going to make a bold statement, but I think it’s worth an honest discussion.

How are women bystanders in the Church simply because they cannot be leaders? <bold statement>Personally, I think many American women have a mindset that they want it all or it’s not good enough.</bold statement>

There are many, many women’s issues the Church is dealing with right now like poverty, genital mutilation, abortion, AIDS, etc. and we’ve got all these American women complaining about priesthood. Give me a break. Is it really that important? Shouldn’t we work to further the gospel no matter what our position in life is?

Almost every Catholic parish I’ve been to is run by women anyway. Most parish staffs are mostly women. I don’t see how women don’t have power in the Church simply because they cannot be ordained.

Sorry if I offended anyone, but I really need to get this out and discuss it.