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I have a question, since the conclave of cardinals is set to start, if it hasn’t already…

One of the things that has stopped me from pursuing RCC further is the apparent beliefs of JPII re. ecumenicism. I was startled to hear (on which radio station I can’t recall) a broadcast that contained the Pope and representitives from other religions — African shamans, Buddhists, etc. — praying together. This was apparently a RCC sponsored shindig.

Seriously, I was thinking right in step with J. T. Chick for awhile, there.

Which is in line with my question — suppose the next Pope begins to advocate changes or practices you just can’t reconcile with Christianity as expressed in the RCC tradition?

Heck, I grew up Baptist — we’ll start another church at the drop of a hat! I remember when a minister started reading church members’ palms. Whoa, nelly!

JPII was an interesting fellow, but I didn’t and don’t understand the new-age thinking. That’s why I am somewhat baffled by the “Saint JPII” talk I hear so much of. He was on a course, at least in that one area, that was damaging to the church of Christ, imho. I know, I know, I’m apostate anyway…

Anyhow, I’m curious — what do you do? Is there some sort of discipline in place to remove a Pope that isn’t playing by the rules? Can your Cardinals back-track, say something like, “Oops, we thought we were being guided, our mistake, sorry,” and give the Pope his pink slip?