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I am in a child abuse intervention and prevention class right now. I have seen some pictures of children “spanked” with metal pipes, large sticks, extension cords, etc. I think the question of whether spanking is ok or not is really fuzzy. There is not just a yes or no answer. I definitely do not believe in spanking children with anything other than an open hand and definitely not in anger. I believe parents and guardians have to watch their emotions closely. Many of the instances of abuse were cases where the parent thought they never would do such things, but they were angry and their emotions got the best of them.

So to make a long story short, I cannot vote simply yes or no; it is a matter of circumstance: age of the child, force used, what is used for spanking, what the child has done, etc. I would use it only for rare occasions, but that is my opinion.

PS. It really does not make sense for parent to spank after their child has hit, bit, pinched, etc. another child.