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Elka and Marc, although you guys aren’t Catholic yet I commend both of you. It appears to me like you guys are being a lot more responsive to God’s Grace then I did. I fought Catholicsim tooth and nail for almost 3 years. Always tried to prove it wrong and came up short everytime. In the end, my own pride and emotions were the only thing keeping me away. I think God turned up the heat on me. Sometimes I think that I needed a Paul type of conversion. Can you imagine the Lord’s voice when he called Paul “”Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?” (Acts 9:4). I would of ran like a big chicken…..lol.

[quote:p2mouvz0]Most of the whackiness and controversy revolved around disagreements concerning spiritual gifts and whether or not they were appropriate for the church today. [/quote:p2mouvz0]

That’s true, and it’s exactly why the Protestant system doesn’t work. A book (even an inspired one) can’t sit up and tell us which side has misinterpreted it. That’s why the Protestant system has never been able to resolve any of the myriad “controversies of religion” it’s caused. Instead, the controversies invariably lead to divisions, and the divisions invariably lead to new churches being formed, and the only thing the Protestant system can do is tell both sides to go back and read their “supreme judge” again for the zillionth time. The early Church simply didn’t function in this manner.

As far as telling your wife, that’s a tuffy. One of the things used by others is they talk to them about Catholic doctrine, but they don’t tell them it’s Catholic…. <img decoding=” title=”Wink” /> . They agree to it’s logic and conclusions and then they tell them later: “you know all those things I’ve been telling you about about? Well they are all Catholic beliefs…” Her reaction will be :shock: ..

Maybe Jon’s advise is better……lol.