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Maybe eternity does have a number. What I mean is in the OT God creates nothing into something in 6 days. From my understanding the Church has no stance on how you interpret that (I could be wrong). Meaning you can take it as a literal 6 days or as a number that symbolizes or represents something else. Could that be the case with the word eternity? After all don’t forget that Doctrinal Development is still in full effect. Whatever the case, I submitt to the Church.
Tim Staples told me that what makes Hell as Hell is not the fire, darkness, smells, and whatever other horror we imagine, but rather it’s the deep desire that they begin to have towards God. Now that they know He exist and see his greatness, but can’t have a relationship with Him or any of his greatness.


PS-Frank Sheed is a wonderful read. I have that book Benedict.