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Elka, no problem, we are here to help. Best thing I can do is answer your questions and pray for you and your wife.

Not sure if you’ve read my Intro. but I come from an anti-Catholic tradition. Took me a while to come to grips with many things. When I met my wife (cradle Catholic) my anti-Catholicism burst out. I have to admit I was quite hard on her. <img decoding=” title=”Sad” /> Even to the point of making her cry. Made our relationship very difficult as you may imagine. Finally my wife had enough of my anti-Catholic ways and said:
“I think we are going to have to stop having these religious debates. Go do your own research and seek what you are looking for. If you are not at peace after the research then we will have to go our seperate ways because I am going to die a Catholic.”
Her saying that really got me even more irritated because I wanted her to answer my questions. We continued dating and after almost 3 years of I finally went to RCIA classes and here I am a Catholic now. Was not easy at all. But the evidence was just to heavy on my conscious.

In Christ