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Stigmus, I can’t remember if it was in this thread or not, but I made a statement SOMEWHERE about considering myself a “Presbyolic” or a “Cathoterian.”

In all honesty, if I were given my druthers, I’d have converted a while ago. Unfortunately, my family creates concerns. Perhaps I’m equivocating, here, and I’ll own up to the probability of that, but it is difficult — even at my age — to face the anger and disapointment of a 71 year old mom and dad who are self-described “anti papists.” Yes, in this day and age…

My wife and I have discussed this at great length. One day, you might be hearing that I have finally signed up for RCIA, who knows? Perhaps you’d be willing to pray for my wife and me?

On the coming home network, I read a post and replies about a woman who is a convert (unstated former tradition) to Catholicism that complains about the worldliness of Catholics. Believe me, in my wide-ranging experience, Catholics ain’t the only ones that have sizeable populations of those who go through the motions. In fact, I’m one who could be said to be going through the motions at this point…

Sorry, didn’t mean to get off on a personal tear, but my daddy always said if they sewed my lips together my tongue would flap my brain to death, which I guess applies to posting here, too!