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Things that were clarified:

[quote:1ikvwvte]I’m not one of them, unfortunately.[/quote:1ikvwvte]

So is your view of salvation more in line with the RCC?

[quote:1ikvwvte]I don’t accept the Reformed doctrine of predestination[/quote:1ikvwvte]

Really? Am I missing something? I thought you said you were Presbyterian? Aren’t both doctrines above taught by the Presbyterian church?

[quote:1ikvwvte]You know, in writing that, I’m struck by a) my poor excuse for an explanation, and b) the ‘counting angels dancing on the head of a pin’ quality of the topic. [/quote:1ikvwvte]

It’s not easy to explain, I understand. But could it be because:
A) It shows an evil depiction of God.
B) Not taught in the Bible.
C) It’s unhistorical.
D) Man can’t even begin to rationalize it, not even an abstract way.

[quote:1ikvwvte]Have you read Marcus Grodi’s story?[/quote:1ikvwvte]

Yes I have.

[quote:1ikvwvte]from where does this authority come?[/quote:1ikvwvte]

Excellent question. That can be a topic for another post.

[quote:1ikvwvte]I thought it was remarkable when my minister stated that, in the personal study of scripture, if one came across an understanding or interpretation that had never, in 2000 years of church history, been written of or practiced before, then you should look out. That’s a pretty healthy attitude, I think. [/quote:1ikvwvte]

I’m surprised he would say that. Sounds very Catholic. Wonder if your pastor has tooken up an in depth look into history to see if that is the case with the doctrines he teaches. Many that have done just that struggle and goes in the same route as Marcus Grodi. Rome sweet home. <img decoding=” title=”Wink” />

In Christ

PS-Kinda went off on tangents. This was supposed to be about Predestination.