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I haven’t commented here in a while. Forgive me if my statements are repetitive. This whole case saddens me, not because of what is happening, but because of what has been going on for years- that is removing feeding tubes from handicapped people. In many cases their only handicap is that, (like infants or someone with a broken arm) they can not feed themselves.

We are still upset with the way my mother-in-law was treated in a Catholic nursing home. She suffered from a dementia, likely Alzheimer’s. She walked, talked, and breathed on her own. She reacted to everyone and everything. Her physical handicap? She could not swallow. The caregivers strongly recommended [b:1y5yzl09]removing her feeding tube. In other words, she had Alzheimers- so let her starve to death. [/b:1y5yzl09]To say the least- the family did not let that happen.

We found out later, when listening to a talk by a Pro-Life lawyer that this kind of thing is happening in hospitals and nursing homes everywhere. I have heard of it in our own small community- folks with terminally ill parents, who are not on life supports of any kind are told that it is a normal thing to do to withold food and water.

I am sorry I just do not get it, doctors regularly put young teen girls on contraceptives for something as simple as acne, I can gladly find medical personel who will accept my money to get rid of my facial wrinkles or excess fat. But that we should medically provide a human being the bare essentials of food and water??

We have been praying for Terri daily, and I have sent letters to our representatives and senators. ……………Once again I was saddened that there is a strong political divide. Our Republican representative was supportive while our two Democratic senators were not . I was not going to say which way either party responded, but those are the facts , at least in this Wisconsin district.

Okay I have made up for not commenting in ages. Personally I have been praying for a miracle in this sad Florida case.