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Happy Easter everyone! Christ is Risen! Yesterday, at the Easter Vigil, I was fully initiated into the Roman Catholic Church!

The mainline churches are those who broke off of the Roman Catholic Church but still maintained some of the elements of the Mother Church. But a lot of these break-offs are break-offs of break-offs… hope I’m not confussing anyone.

From RCC — Church of England (Episcopal)

From Church of England –> Methodist

From Church of England/Scotland–> Presbyterian

From RCC — Lutheran

From ?? — Church of Christ

But I don’t think that the Baptists actually broke away from the Catholic Church though right?

Baptist –> Evangelical –> House Churches?

Maybe I’m totally wrong, but it seems that the Protestant churches collectively continue to break from each other when someone feels the doctrine is not right in their own mind.

We, must as Catholics, believe what the Church teaches us because it is the same Faith that has been handed down from the Apostles. We don’t have the freedom to choose what we believe because we hold fast to the truth.