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Dear Brother and Sister in Christ,
I can say this to all Catholics my experience as Catholic Christians in every time I engage of conversation with Protestant. Most of this people was once Catholic and decided to leave the Catholic faith partly because the Catholic church this country only read scripture on Sunday during the mass and many that was once a Catholic that do not know what is Catholicism is all about.Now, this may not true in all churches around the country but we need to do more. Many Catholics in the church I have witness are totally ignorant and worst, they too judgemental and often time making to much excuses like not enough people to do the job or it take time to make changes or worried about miss interpretation (my favorite). Many protestant challenge each catholic to provide a biblical proof and most often time no catholic want to engage. I respect the Catholic Answer and Apologetic program, But the real answer is for Catholics need to start reading the bible as part of practical life application in order to understand who we are as christian and as well as Catholic. Everything we need to know about Sacrament, Virgin Mary, Saints, Praying to dead people, Pope, and a whole lot more than you think. This can be done with supervision by the church leader to ensure the consistency of the teaching ( You do not need to have a Master Degree). If there is something you do not understand ask the Holy Spirit for a guide. God will manifest his gospel with clear and concise understanding. The closest resources are the priest, deacon, Bishop, teachers and lay people. The power of the Holy Spirit was given to anyone that except Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord. I respect Cathechist people but they need to grow up sometime. And if you want more, there is a seminar available. If such resources are not available in your parish or church, ask and demand to make it available, even they have to send you elsewhere under the church expenses. I will not worry about those protestant with close minded attitude and start educating ourselves and help other Catholic as well. Then, we will be in a better position to become a light of the world to many ignorant people. I met a lot of Protestant and they are all not like this, at all. I say to all protestant with a narrow minded out there that someday each one of us will answer and stand alone directly to God and the question is HOW I LIVE MY LIFE? NOT OTHERS LIFE…..!
Even Satan know the scripture and he even tried to use it against Jesus in the dessert.
In Matthew 7:15-20 Jesus said how to identify the true & false teacher.
The word of God our Father and the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ is all about Love. This is where many Protestant failed to understand. Love is not just a word but it is an Action…!
I Apologized if I offend anyone but if you want the truth, this wont be a sugar coated one.
Remember, God is a loving Father. Through knowledge we strengthen our faith. Through Faith, we do good works. Through our ways, we recieve grace from God.
God Bless <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />