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[quote:q8138rf6][quote:q8138rf6]Quick question: is Terri’s feeding tube being paid for by public money or private money?[/quote:q8138rf6]
Why do you ask Jon?[/quote:q8138rf6]
Well, the cost of a feeding tube has got to be somewhat expensive. If it is public money then I think it should be looked into to secure private funds.

I think the use of public money should be maximized. Spending it all on keeping one, vegetative person alive isn’t the best use of public resources whereas if we could use it to feed 10 homeless and hungry people which would enable them to get jobs or secure housing then I find it to be a better investment. Those 10 people could potentially have jobs and then pump more money into the public money system to help even more people (theoretically).

When using public resources we need to think of the best way we can use it to benefit the most people efficiently. For super extreme cases of need (like Terri Schiavo) I think it is best to secure private finances.