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I trust that subject title won’t offend, but my wife uses it about every “Bible” church and “spirit-filled” church out there, and it is as specific a description as I think you can find, so I’ll use it.
I see what you mean about traditional churches. Mine couldn’t exist, frankly, if there had not been the Roman church first. True, isn’t it?

Jon, I have come to the conclusion, after half a century of life, that there isn’t a nickle’s worth of difference between the major Christian groups. That will likely provoke response, too, but it is an honest statement.

Picking churches can have as much to do with where you live as anything. My mainline church is dying, right now, because we’re in a downtown area and Richmond, VA’s downtown hasn’t just died, it committed suicide. The folks with kids and the ability to work and contribute to help a church grow have all moved to the suburbs, and to the ensemble music churches. The kind that don’t have hymn or prayer books, but project the words of their choruses on the wall, and encourage dancing and what have you. Shake your butt, as my wife would have it. Don’t get it. As Elizabeth Achtemeyer pointed out in her autobiography, the number of times the word “I” gets sung in those choruses outnumbers the times God gets mentioned…

Sorry, was I ranting?