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[color=darkblue:37mh2blh]No Ardent,
I knew you were right off the top.
Those insane anti-Catholic allegations are one reason that I returned to the faith after 34 years away and why I hang out on fora like this and the Catholic Answers one. The CA fora is sometimes a battleground and sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, and sometimes it makes no difference at all. (or seems not to). But it’s critical that we know our faith well and can present it to those who need it, as well as be able to defend it from those who attack it. we may not win the attacker over, but there’s a host of folks out there watching and listening and our good, truthful answers are seeds falling into their hearts and souls that the Holy Spirit uses to draw all men to Christ and His church.
Hold fast my brother.
Pax vobiscum,[/color:37mh2blh]