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[color=darkblue:231w8bk0]I wish I had a penny for all the times some n-C has alleged this silliness. I could retire in comfort…

This is just someone’s messed up opinion based on tons of bad info. Chick Publications feeds this with some of the most base and unmitigated lies I’ve ever seen and there are quite a few folks out there who really think that guy’s telling the truth. He milks his “Alberto” comics to death while claiming that he loves Catholics. (I think I’d prefer that he hated us if this is his version of love…). The entire Seventh Day Adventist denomination shares this view of us and worse that we are anti-christ… They have books out that are so full of lies and historical and doctrinal inaccuracies that you have a hard time even knowing where to begin. (I’ve tried).

This site and many more like it would help greatly [b:231w8bk0]IF[/b:231w8bk0] those folks would come here and read the truth with an open heart. Sadly that really doesn’t happen all that much.

The fun just never stops <img decoding=” title=”Wink” /> [/color:231w8bk0]

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