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I too apologize for not answering sooner. I meant to write back sooner, and I don’t have a better exuse other than incessant homework.

Well, I understand what you mean by the “non-detail oriented” and “detail oriented” people. I think I also fall under the category of the first one when it comes to the Catholic Faith.

I have found that God grants us all talents and ways to spread his Word, but mine is often not through words (or details). I found I do this better by living out my life according to my faith. Sometimes (well for me at least) I can do a lot more teaching of the Church’s teachings by simple things. For example, after people have known you for sometime, they notice things about you such as why you will not talk badly about others behind their back, you frequently think of others, want what’s best for them and enjoy their company and value as a human being. Your sincerity and genuiness provide witness to Christ. You also have the ability to give cheer to those who are having a bad day. I have always thought that happy people are a wonderful light to Christ because their trust in Jesus shines through their happiness. (These are things I have witnessed about you during my time with you) Those things are just as good, or even better then knowing a million details about our Faith.

I had more to say on this post, but it seems that after 11pm my thinking process goes downhill. lol. I hope what I have written was of some help.