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[color=darkblue:196wbre5]”Why do you worship statues …that’s idolatry”
As if we’re too stupid to know the difference between a statue,picture,or other icon and the almight creator of the universe.(DUH!) Ignoring the FACT that the whole iconclastic argument is Moslem based from the 800’s. Ask anyone who lived in Afganistan under the taliban…

“Didn’t the Catholic Church fall away back into paganism?”
Ignoring the pagan inspired wedding ring on his finger and the whole early history of Christianity.. :rolleyes:

“Why did the Catholic Church add 7 books to the Bibe when it says not to?”
Knowing nothing of where the Bible came from and that the 66 book Bible in his hands had those 7 books REMOVED by Luther and his Prot “reformers” even though every council all the back to the early church had all of them.
THEN…I wanna know why his KJV ADDS the doxology “For thine is the Kingdom…” to the Our Father when it’s not in the original and is in fact from the Didache, a non-canonical early church writing. :o

Pax vobiscum,[/color:196wbre5]