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[color=darkblue:13svvxh1]I believe that the search for truth is what brings us to God. Jesus said ” I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No man cometh to the Father, but by me.”(John 14:6) The honest searcher will come to Him sooner or later. As with all searches it’s a journey and filled with its share of difficulties.

Can one come to God outside of Catholicism/Christianity?
I have to go along with the Catechism on this and say that if there really is only one God, then those who seek for Him, no matter their location and social traditions will be guided by the Holy Spirit to the true faith. My thought is that the Holy Spirit does indeed draw all men to God.

I have a friend we call Smiley. Smiley’s a pretty cool guy and I enjoy his company. You could say that we are friends. Smiley is a Wiccan. He has problems with most of the Christians he meets because they immediately give him a case about being a witch, satan worshipper, and all kindsa other grief. I am the only Christian that he likes and will talk to. In fact I’ve given him lots of Catholic literature to read and he’s read it, given it back, and asked for more, which I’ve happily supplied. We’ve talked a lot and he says that the reason that he hangs with me is because I don’t give him crap about being Wiccan. I know what it is..it’s nature worship, polytheistic witchcraft, but (in his case) NOT Satanic. (No point in getting into all that…and has no bearing on the fact that he needs to come to Our Lord…duh.) The reason Smiley isn’t able to talk to other Christians is because they don’t talk with him..they wanna preach… We became friends and I got to know him. As with most everyone..Smiley has a story to tell.

He was an atheist for a long time…then he was agnostic…now he’s Wiccan.
Anyone see a Holy Spirit pattern here? I pray for my buddy Smiley a lot because we’ve sort of lost touch, but I have absolutely no doubt that the Lord is drawing him to Himself by the Holy Spirit. Smiley once told me that if and when he ever does become a Christian that it would definitely be a Catholic because what we say just makes better sense. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” /> Me…I’m just grateful that the Lord was able to use me in his life.

So the Lord does indeed move in mysterious ways…

Pax vobiscum,[/color:13svvxh1]