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Hey Jon,
I see your from the twin cities, I have a very big family based in and around the twin cities as my mom is from 11 kids and alot of her brothers and sisters live in the cities as do their grown children, grandkids and then my husband is also from 11 kids and he has several sisters and a brother in an around the cities so I’ve been to the Cities of MN a good part of my life, Anoka, Eden Prairie, Maple Grove, Plymouth, Coon Rapids, Savage, Minneapolis, St.Paul, Eagan, and some others I can’t think of right off.
I’m from rural Minnesota and live only 45 minutes from the town I grew up in, I’m very close to my family, mine is small compared to my husbands as there was only 3 kids in our family, Sadly my sister left the Catholic church when she got married but my brother has remained Catholic, his wife was Lutheran but she never really went her whole life and she became Catholic, the best man at their wedding is now a Priest, he is my brothers best friend since child hood but he did not do their wedding as he was still in semenary school at that time, he is alos their daughters God father so thats pretty cool. My sister has never joined her husbands church but she goes every Sunday and they are raising their kids in that church, I really pray that someday she will come back and that her husband will see the Catholic church for the right church for him too, he is a super guy and treats my teacher like a queen but I really am sad that she left the church.
Anyways, I was just blabbing on a little as I was just surfing the net and thought I would post a few lines.
Take Care everyone and have a great evening. <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />