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Yes, if that would be possible that would be so much easier, I don’t know why I could not get it to take that name but I’m also not very good with computers yet and I tend to make trouble for myself as I’m still learning and I manage to mess the easiest things up for myself.

thanks so much!!!

oh, yes, LCMS is Very strict but what was surprising to me was how prejudice some of the members are to other faiths and they are pretty point blank about their feelings, not all but those few who are are pretty vocal and the Catholic faith is one that they tend to focus their attacks on :cry:
The Catholic church I go to has a pretty good RCIA program from what I’v heard but I will have to look into it a little more closely to find out.

well, have to take my son to the doc.
I’ll check back later today,
Everyone have a great day :!: