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[quote:1mmybtlp]I am not sure if I have ever presented the Catholic faith without being asked questions. And you already know the usual questions.[/quote:1mmybtlp]

Me neither. I can’t remember myself ever going door to door and saying ‘Are you saved?’ for instance. <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” /> I just bumble around wearing my crucifix (and medals), doing the shopping, going to Mass, going to work, and so on.

Sometimes someone will ask me a question or engage me in a discussion about being Christian. As soon as I have the sense of this being a teaching moment, I am diligent in restraining my own need to articulate. Instead, I try to grasp where the questioner is coming from. I then gear my answer to question asked. I then encourage the questioner to give his or her own opinion and, if they are able, then to defend that position. Often I leave it at that. Many people are not prepared to debate. They are only testing the waters. Once people know I am Catholic, then they watch me. That is enough for the Holy Spirit to do what he does so well.

If, however, someone asks a disingenuous question or if they trash Church teaching, then the gloves are off. They are fair game. If after correcting them on what our teaching actually is and they continue to trash our teaching, then I shake the dust.