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Hi Fred,
Thank you for your reply.

It’s funny- I sometimes don’t really even understand what exactly is shifting around.

I’ve never been very knowledgable about theology and history. I try to understand the basics and be engaged with fellow parishoners, coworkers who have the same position as I, and students that go to church with me. I haven’t been inclined to do the research. Now, I’m not sure if thats a sign of laziness, contentment, or whatever. It never used to bother me before. If I had a question, I’d ask someone or go to a resource I thought as valuble (much like this website). Lately, I’ve noticed a divide among many of my Catholic friends. I can put them into oversimplified categories; the detail people and the non detail people. I fall into the non detail category. (I know this is way too oversimplified) When I try to be engaged in a conversation or activity, I just get discouraged when it comes to discussing the minute details. Probably because I don’t understand.

In this busy world, I feel like God is calling me to be an active messenger and spread His words, the Gospel, the main messages that I feel like I should be spreading.

I feel more separated from some of the people I used to identify with. Maybe its some form of guilt I’m feeling, like I need to do the research. I know that this could possibly be the solution. But at the same time I can’t ignore my gut instinct- do good in the world! Good as God meant it to be is not about the minute details, it is about His Gospel, love for Him, love for our neighbors, and love for ourselves.

For being a “non detail” person, this reply has a lot of detail in it. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />

Thanks for your reading. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />