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[quote:rrw3te7r]Our Faith was born through those communities by the apostles, so we owe our faith to all the apostles. [/quote:rrw3te7r]
In addition to Jon’s fine reply, I would like to add a few things Enoch.

You say “Our Faith” so I assume you are a Christian and believe in the Bible as the Word of God.

Christ established a Church, and the signs/evidence are right there in the Bible if you have eyes to see:

[color=blue:rrw3te7r]Matt. 5:14 – Jesus says a city set on a hill cannot be hidden, and this is in reference to the Church. The Church is not an invisible, ethereal, atmospheric presence, but a single, visible and universal body through the Eucharist. The Church is an extension of the Incarnation.

Matt. 12:25; Mark 3:25; Luke 11:17 – Jesus says a kingdom divided against itself is laid waste and will not stand. This describes Protestantism and the many thousands of denominations that continue to multiply each year.

Matt. 16:18 – Jesus says, “I will build my ‘Church’ (not churches).” There is only one Church built upon one Rock with one teaching authority, not many different denominations, built upon various pastoral opinions and suggestions.

Matt. 16:19; 18:18 – Jesus gave the apostles binding and loosing authority. But this authority requires a visible Church because “binding and loosing” are visible acts. The Church cannot be invisible, or it cannot bind and loose.

John 10:16 – Jesus says there must only be one flock and one shepherd. This cannot mean many denominations and many pastors, all teaching different doctrines. Those outside the fold must be brought into the Church.

John 17:11,21,23 – Jesus prays that His followers may be perfectly one as He is one with the Father. Jesus’ oneness with the Father is perfect. It can never be less. Thus, the oneness Jesus prays for cannot mean the varied divisions of Christianity that have resulted since the Protestant reformation. There is perfect oneness only in the Catholic Church.


In addition to these verses (and many others like them) you have the history of our faith…. something I strongly suggest you do some reading about. The organization that evolved into the Catholic Church has it’s beginings in the Bible and the 1st and 2nd century Catholic Church.

I understand this may be difficult for you to grasp ( I was a Protestant most of my life) but I pray you take some time and look at the history behind your faith….. [b:rrw3te7r]you can’t have faith in the Bible if you don’t have faith in the Church that defined the Canon of Scripture that you read today.[/b:rrw3te7r]

May God bless you.