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Hi Enoch!
And welcome to this forum! <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” /> You are–and always will be–very welcomed here to post and to read what others have written and, as far as I know, you certainly don’t have to be Catholic to belong to this forum. Just respectful. And after reading your posting, I am assured of your respectfulness to the Catholic Faith!

I was born into the faith, raised with the old Baltimore Catechism, attended Saturday morning CCD classes conducted by nuns “imported” from the nearest bigger city, and regularly attended every Sunday morning Mass and every Holy Day of Obligation. I never questioned any aspect of the Faith growing up—it was just expected of us children to obey our parents…”never question authority”!

Today, I realize I had alot of “head knowledge” but not any “heart knowledge” of the Catholic Faith. I was taught the “rules” and doctrines and all as a youth, and memorized the prayers as a good Catholic child should–First Communion, Confirmation and the whole nine yards.

But could I [i:dfknytrf]explain[/i:dfknytrf] the faith to anyone who asked me? Could I stand up for my faith and defend what I had been taught to believe as the truth? I am ashamed to admit that I could not. Now, I am immersing myself in the gift that God has given me to discover…The True Church of Jesus Christ: the Catholic Church.

Alot has changed since the ’60’s and Vatican II. Now, after these last few years of family crisis and personal problems and deserting my faith and church and God, I have “[i:dfknytrf]come Home[/i:dfknytrf].” I have come to realize that the Catholic Church is truly my “home”, and that I could never comfortably praise my Creator and Lord anywhere else but within the Catholic Church. It’s just the right denomination [i:dfknytrf]for me[/i:dfknytrf]….and I respect other’s choices as to how they live their spirituality. I don’t have to agree with them, and I certainly feel–[i:dfknytrf]especially[/i:dfknytrf] within my own family–the differences that separate Catholics from other denominations.

I could go on forever, Enoch, but I just wanted to welcome you to our forum and hope you will find friends among us all.

Your friend in Christ,