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I don’t think Any faith has it right yet… that includes Catholics!

God wants our time. The biggest threat today is not having enough time for God and to practise his desire in man – meaning being faithfull, loving,caring, rightous, kind, forgiving etc. (2Peter). We put worldly desire above our faith. God wants us to spend time with him, and each other, for God is within man, and the Kingdom of God is within us all (luke).

What does Baptism mean to catholics?
To christians everywhere baptism means wholly giving your life to God. To me in my faith it means taking responsibilty for my own soul, when a child is baptised, it means the Parents take responsibilty for the child and the childs soul until the child can be responsible for himself.. and in baptising the child we ask that God grants His protection over that child.

We are supposed to Serve him in spirit and in truth – I’ll quote the verse if you like – none of the earthly things matter to Him, not even this rediculous theory of contraception. If you beleive that there is a such a thing as a spirit, then surely you must all realise that if you do not posses the spiritual Truth in this life, you will search for it when you are dead.
I’m not saying it’s ok to break the commandments, but there is more to the Bible than a natural story/history. The bible is infact mainly a spiritual guide as far as I’m concerned.

Read the Book of John, 1John, and ephesians.
It says exactly what GOD requires of us, not what man made rules in churches require from us.

Think about it. All we can do is try our best. Don’t complicate Faith!!!!!!

Many of you will disagree with me on all of this. This is my opinion.

Are you all searching for Truth? OR are you content being lead by your noses not really knowing the truth?