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[quote:17aokqwr]Hello all,

I have a 24 yr. old son who was rasied Catholic, but after he moved out he found the Evangelical calling to be more to his liking, much to my dismay. He and I have learned the hard way that some subjects (like religion) are just too touchy and painful to discuss when he comes home for a visit.

Also have a 15 yr. old daughter whom I have sadly neglected in raising in the Church, although she has been baptized and has had her First Communion. No one comes to church with me (for now, anyway)…but that’s OK…because when I gave my life to Christ, I knew He was—and still is–in charge. Whatever happens to me in my life, I have total trust that God is in charge and I place my trust in Him.


I am just curious as to which issues drove your son away from the Church. Also, have you attempted to tell your daughter that you are sorry fopr failing to expose her to the Church and you would like her to come with you a few times and see if it may be for her?

God Bless You.
I will pray.