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I wanted to apologize for starting this subject. I think it was very divisive of me and very judgmental. Politics bring out the worst in people and after Kerry’s concession speech I have a greater respect and almost admiration for him.

I just know that when growing up, I got very bad impressions of who Catholics are and how hypocritical they can be. I knew people who grew up in Catholic schools with a seemingly Catholic up bringing, and in high school, they were some of the most immoral people I knew. Now as a person who is in the process of being converted, I am greatly stressed by the image our Church has to other Christians and to the rest of the world. Some of the most liberal people I know are priests and church leaders. I know that liberal and immoral are not the same thing, but a vast majority of those characterized as “liberals” do stand for things that the Catholic Church has officially stated as immoral.

How is it that people can live this dual life and how does one continue to work with those who hold views that are clearly contradictory to the Catholic Church’s teachings and not be divisive?

(I’m just afraid of the same thing that happened in the Episcopal Church is going to happen to the Catholic Church; both look good on paper)