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Peace be with you Jon and Benedict,

[i:sljpp9no][quote:sljpp9no]This kind of thing ranks right up there with the people who preach how wonderful it is that the Catholic Church has the magisterium to keep it straight, but yet when the magisterium says something they disagree with then the bishops are all wrong.[/quote:sljpp9no][/i:sljpp9no]

So true. They want their “cake and eat it too”.

[i:sljpp9no][quote:sljpp9no]Many believe that the Novus Ordo consecration is invalid because of a trivial word change (the words of consecration espoused by our Lord and the Church throughout Her 2000 years remain), so to them we would be nothing less than idolaters in receiving the Eucharist and participating in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. [/quote:sljpp9no][/i:sljpp9no]
So this change occurred be cause of a word change? This whole thing smells vaguely of Martin Luther. <img decoding=” title=”Sad” />