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What motivated me to start this thread was an experience I had just after confession that day. I went to pray and noticed how much deeper I was able to meditate on my words and connect with God when it was completely silent. It takes immense concentration for me to be able to experience that.

[quote:2yam46wy]The only problem is that I get shy to start something like a prayer group. Also, some people don’t understand the power in it and tend to make fun of people who try as fanatics for just plain ‘weird’. Any suggestions?[/quote:2yam46wy]
Of course you will be perceived as a fanatic, but is it such a bad thing to have a lot of zeal for your faith? Jesus said people will hate you because of his name and all the more power to you for it. I think you should use those opportunities to invite people into your prayer group if you are worried about them thinking you are a fanatic. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />