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The past 3yrs have been physically and mentally my worst. Odd what people chose to cling to. I have chosen music! However, my 16yr old son says I must have suffered terribly following my craniotomy, as he’s embarassed when I pick him up from school with my Rob Zombie cd blarring in the car!! I’ve just turned 50yrs old, will NEVER part with all forms of Rock!! The Marilyn Manson’s and Rob Zombie’s of the world are entertainers, nothing more or less, it’s all part of the show! I hate people with starchy underwear about lyrics. If I can turn loud an AC/DC cd to help get the housework done, then my day is a success. Let’s not forget the love songs too, when all is well, the heart softens yet glows I have a problem with overkill and prentencious intentions. Come on folks, let your hair down and relax. Just might put a smile on that face and give God a rest! :mrgreen: [/b]