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Dear Jon and everybody else,

Yes, I’m on Duke’s board as well. I find reading and participating in these kind of discussions very helpful.

What denominations have I been? Let’s see, baptized Presbyterian, then went to United Christ of Christ, Christian & Missonary Alliance, Brethen (Independent), Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod), Evangelical Lutheran Church and finally Catholic (which I have been for 17 years). My family was not supportive when I converted, my mother is still a firm Presbyterian. I took my Bachelors at a Missionary Church (evangelical) Bible College. I started my graduate work at Notre Dame last year.

I had a “Road to Damascus” conversion to the Faith when I attended my first Mass at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Fort Wayne, IN. I’m a cantor, choir member and catechist (8th grade – Confirmation). And, I work for the Diocese in the business office (until I am done with grad. school, then I will be placed as a D.R.E.). The Church is a very big part of my life.

I love being Catholic and I love our Faith. My grad school studies have given me an even deeper appreciation of the treasures we have. This semester, I am taking Patriology. I now find myself lingering over the Creed during Mass, savoring each phrase with new understanding. We have so many riches in our Faith and I love passing them on to our Confirmation kids.