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The sort of prayer that you both have answered almost requires quiet alone time. But…………let me explain;

A number of years ago a teen girl asked me a question at a retreat I was helping to lead. She asked if I had ever considered being a nun. I responded that I really did not come to know my faith well until I was over 30yrs. old. By then I was married and had two children—-it was too late for being a nun, I joked however that I often pray for the quiet cloistered life. Take me away to a nice cloister anywhere please!!!!

I shared this with an older nun one day–I had the beautiful opportunity to drive nuns from a nearby cloistered order to their doctor appointments—simple drives to the doctor clinics and hospitals

I learned so much and felt so blessed. One day I expressed that I thought it would be so much easier to pray if one were part of the clergy or cloistered life. She responded that my heart is where my cloister was and I could visit it absolutely anytime of the day! What a beautiful answer—-offhand she was quoting who, Saint Therese? I can’t remember-but I did take to heart what she said about praying.

So now I don’t wait until I can get to that quiet spot (although I still pray that way too) I pray at any opportunity I can think of; a flight of stairs, a sink full of dishes, a stoplight, a headline in the paper, or even meditating on a single sentence said by someone.

I am sorry for such a long answer but I am also reminding myself that I miss many opportunities to listen and converse with my Heavenly Father. At this moment my mind puts a scripture verse in reverse—-If earthly children never stop talking and asking questions of their earthly father(or mother) how much more so should they never stop talking with their Father who is in heaven?